Sites to see in the Geopark : Nature Sites

Nature Sites
1.Mt Katsuragi

Mt Katsuragi is 702 metres in height. In various places, the remains of tatara, ancient forges for producing iron, can be seen. Tradition holds that, in areas around mines, laurels be planted to the goddess of blacksmiths; the laurel trees around Mt Katsuragi (the name ‘Katsuragi’ literally means ‘laurel tree’) are thought to be related to this practice.

Nature Sites
2.Mt Hanao

Mt Hanao, with its sharp peak easily distinguishable from the mountains surrounding it, in known as ‘Nagato Mt Fuji’: in Japan, the most prominent mountain of an area is often referred to as its ‘Mt Fuji’. The top of the mountain is made from a rock called andesite, which is very resistant to weathering. This andesite forms the triangular peak of Mt Hanao, appearing from a distance like a hat on top of the mountain. This formation is known as a ‘cap rock’.

Nature Sites
3.Nitanda Reservoir (Rabbit-ear iris fields)

The Nitanda Reservoir is a scientifically valuable place, where about 15 kinds of wild plants unique to wetlands, such as the rabbit-ear iris, grow together. Rabbit-ear irises are endangered in Japan, so the local people of the Nitanda Reservoir area have established a group for their protection. They conduct activities to conserve the species, including mowing the grass and cleaning.